The War of Narratives: Digital Dialogue and Sentiment Analysis on the Gaza War

In a landscape where battlefields and narrative spaces are increasingly intertwined amid the rampant spread of misinformation and propaganda, Makana 360, a data-driven communication firm offers an incisive analysis of the global digital discourse on the Gaza War from October to November 2023.

The volume of Engagement:
In the span of one month, our team has meticulously tracked a remarkable volume of 615 million digital posts and conversations, accompanied by 2.6 billion engagements. This robust discourse is further evidenced by the 15.3 million news articles that have engaged with the unfolding events, highlighting the world’s vested interest and active participation in the conversation.

Evolving Public Sentiment:
Our analytical journey, tracking millions of digital expressions (posts, articles, comments..etc), has uncovered a significant sentiment shift. Initially, the dialogue displayed a 54.6% inclination toward pro-Israeli sentiments. As the weeks progressed, a pronounced increase in pro-Palestinian sentiment emerged, culminating in 67.5% by the final week of our study, indicating a decisive favoring of the Palestinian narrative.

Critical Turning Points:
A series of pivotal incidents have markedly influenced this narrative shift. The crescendo of change was built upon key developments: the Al Ahli hospital airstrike, the harsh realities of the invasion, and the distressing images of the toll on Gaza— from the tragic fatalities of children to the demolition of buildings and infrastructure. Additionally, the UN General Assembly’s resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza catalyzed international support and lent legitimacy to calls to stop war. Furthermore, the extensive global protests in solidarity with the Palestinian cause played a crucial role. These moments seized the world’s attention, marking critical junctures in the conflict’s narrative trajectory.

Narratives and Their Power:
This study emphasizes the pivotal role of political communication and strategic political analysis in reshaping the digital narrative landscape. It showcases how coordinated diplomatic narratives and strategic communications can influence public opinion and potentially guide policy decisions. The evolving digital narrative surrounding the Gaza War, informed by real-time political discourse and amplified by the global citizenry’s voice, has played a critical role in shaping geopolitical stances and international relations.

Historical Influence of Narratives:
Throughout history, narratives have been instrumental in mobilizing international support, bringing humanitarian crises to the forefront, and on occasion, leading to the cessation of hostilities. The relationship between public opinion and political action has frequently resulted in significant policy shifts and conflict resolutions.