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With the data revolution that recently swept the world due to technological development, companies have been seeking to take advantage of this data and artificial intelligence in order to make decisions and make plans and strategies by decision-makers.
So, we analyze all the data that we collected with our own tools to help companies to determine a competitive value. We start with competitive research, internal audits, interviews with employers, and evaluation of brands to understand our clients' needs. Hence, we can build strategies that are aligned with the organization's KPIs. These are the stages we go through during the data analysis process:


We’re here to inform which tactics need funding and which are drainson resources.

Makana 360 conducts quantitative research through surveys, questionnaires, and electronic surveys. To take advantage of the huge amounts of data by analyzing its results and placing them within executable strategies and plans to achieve the organization’s goals and its customers. Through processes based on advanced data analysis technology, we produce accurate results that will help speed up decision-making and define the business compass for our clients. Makana 360 uses advanced technology and artificial intelligence to predict the future of any product or service to make changes in plans accordingly.

We aim to:


Determine the basic views, awareness, interest, and interaction of customers and clients towards a specific person, organization, product or policy.


Arranging priorities, communication gaps, key issues, challenges, and opportunities for clients and their audiences in relation to the public engagement of a specific organization’s issue or product, or policy.


We help companies make a qualitative difference in their plans.

We analyze and present their data with intelligent and specialized tools, and prepare reports explaining these outputs. We also use smart technology to prepare, present, and save data. We conduct these studies either directly onsite or online through specific tools or social media platforms.

In order to:

  • Deep understanding of the public's interests and behavior towards a specific person, institution, product or policy.

  • Understand how to motivate customers and citizens in general to support a product, policy, organization or person.

  • Provide reliable visions about customers' perceptions, motivations, and attitudes for an organization or product.


Digital Listening

Makana 360 has been able to meet the needs of its customers.

Makana 360 works with the client to ensure the protection of his product’s image, measure the impressions and the extent of the campaigns’ impact on the consumer and the citizen, and enable the client to promote the product or policy due to his ability to know how and where to speak. Also, we provide innovative solutions to the client,

such as:

  • Create a Dashboard for our client to measure his campaigns and brand influencing.

  • Create a dedicated crisis dashboard that enables you to analyze the site in time and follow up any indicators that require your attention.

  • Preparing detailed reports to discover problems based on data analysis with artificial intelligence, and that means “when there is any problem that needs your intervention, the tool will tell you instantly”.

  • Analyze the impact of Hashtags in 25 languages.

  • Create alerts to be notified immediately for any signals, increasing, or trends that require your attention.

  • Another feature of Makana 360: Solutions is the focus on ROI through social media analysis and use of close monitoring of your campaigns, hashtags, sentiment analysis of your brand and campaigns and its integration with Google Analytics to track ROI on social media.


Statistical analysis

By data analysts and our consultants in entrepreneurship and strategic planning, we have been working on projects that achieved the highest rates of success. We put pre-thought-out methodologies and use the best tools that light the way for companies to create innovations and visions, which achieved tremendous growth for our partners.


Psychographics segmentation

We are different from others, but superior to them! Makana 360 adopted a Psychographics Segmentation Strategy for the audience, taking into account the study of the personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles of each member in the audience. Therefore, a new approach was established that brings accurate results for market and target group analysis. This data obtains accurate information that ensures the success of plans and the achievement of goals at a very high rate.


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