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The success of any organization or brand is primarily related to its ability to compete and the opinion of its audience, which requires smart marketing plans, and effective promotional campaigns. In addition, creative and impactful content attracts potential customer segments depending on data. And as an important last stage, having the communication skills to communicate with the audience in order to build a strong reputation for the organization and the brand and win the loyalty of customers. Makana 360’s strategies for managing and creating content include the following steps:

Visual communication

Creating your story... with passion.

Not only showing the image, but we are also creating it as a story. With passion and creativity, and the tools we bet on its accuracy! With a team that masters the highest degree of professionalism to create a unique take on your brand. In the age of visual culture, studies show that image influences the decisions of more than 67% of potential customers. They highly trust the brand that cares about the image and is keen to make a good impression on them which will support their decisions towards the organization. We support our clients from listening and analyzing data to digital advertising campaigns and creating digital content such as images, videos, etc


Messaging development

Makana 360 is team of experts.

We do not accept the ordinary and the simple! Makana 360 and a team of experts whose creativity knows no bounds! We save a lot of money and effort to reach out to customers seeking services and products by creating attractive and brand-spirit content to develop the marketing message of the company or organization in line with its goals and strategies. We rely on analyzing customer needs using artificial intelligence according to the data provided by the institution, and then we develop digital strategic plans and company messages. Makana 360.. We take care of your step by step!



with our creative content We tell your attractive.

Using our imaginative content, we narrate your captivating, intriguing, and inventive narrative to your target audience. We craft polished content that mirrors your brand and fulfills the objectives of your organization. Allow us to craft a one-of-a-kind and recognizable mark for you in the realm of social media. Makana 360 is where creativity and thrilling ideas find a home! We stay abreast of all that’s fresh, planning well-timed campaigns based on your customer’s behavior and choosing the optimal moment for their launch. Additionally, we devise contingency plans to adapt promotional strategies at pivotal junctures, aligning them with the evolving sentiments of the public on social media.


Content management

In light of the high competitiveness on social media platforms, outperforming the competitor is a major challenge for all those who manage the social media networks of institutions and organizations. Makana 360 team relies on the experiences of the most important digital marketing specialists in following up accounts and analyzing data with advanced tools using artificial intelligence in order to build a strong competitive content plan that achieves the organization’s goals and creates a wide audience base for it. Because tomorrow is a continuation of today, and today is a continuation of yesterday. It is important to us to maintain our success by constantly following social media updates. In addition, to reach the target audience, talk to them and answer their inquiries to build a strong and continuous relationship between the institution and its audience.


Makana 360 is a home of creativity and exciting ideas.

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