“360 Makana” Publishes Analytical Study on Digital Discussions Related to Hajj 2023

Amman – Jordan: 360 Makana, the leading Jordanian company in digital data analysis and strategy building, has conducted a comprehensive study of the digital interaction and influence related to the Hajj for the year 2023. The study collected data from various digital platforms and multiple types of content from June 20 to July 3, 2023, monitoring over 37 million digital interactions in various languages and regions. This data was analyzed to understand the volume, sentiment, regional distribution, and main topics of the digital conversations related to the Hajj.

The study revealed widespread interaction regarding the 2023 Hajj, reflecting the global importance of this event. It also demonstrated the effectiveness of official Hajj hashtag campaigns, which led to increased reach of the discussions. Key Islamic values related to Hajj and positive sentiments towards Hajj services were also evident, demonstrating the powerful potential of digital media to discern public interests and focus areas.

The key findings of the study are as follows:
Volume and Interaction: Digital conversations about Hajj 2023 reached approximately 37.6 million interactions, reflecting global interest and active participation in discussions related to the Hajj.
Regional Interaction: The digital view of the Hajj was evident across all regions, led by Saudi Arabia with 17.3 million interactions.
Official Hashtag Campaigns: The effectiveness of hashtags in promoting global interaction was demonstrated.
Content Analysis: Conversations centered on fundamental religious values and the study assessed public sentiment towards various Hajj services.
Distribution and Demographics: The study provided significant demographic insights, with Twitter emerging as the leading platform for discussion.

In this context, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Hussami, founder of 360 Makana, said: “This study provides a deep and insightful look at global conversations about the Hajj ritual. It’s not just an aggregation of numbers and statistics, but gives us a deeper understanding of how audiences around the world interact with this great spiritual event.”

This data was collected and analyzed by 360 Makana using the advanced digital listening technology Burraq, which directly collects from various sources on the Internet, such as social media platforms, news sites, and blogs. Its specialized team in artificial intelligence and data science then analyzes these dialogues and interactions, enabling 360 Makana to keep a pulse on public opinion and measure global interest in topics of public concern worldwide or locally.